War Paint: Making Women Visible

Well this Broadway show was everything I admire:  gritty women battling it out to the top of their fields and on the way noting the gender obstacles and opportunities.

War Paint on Broadway is a gem:  in particular, Patti Lupone killed it.  She’s my new role model.  A true artist, in my book, creates what she does not see and both Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden did just that.  I learned a lot from the play and now I will be reading and watching more about these two important women of business. I did not know that Suffragettes on the march received free Arden lipstick or that Revlon, run my a man, capitalized on the distribution of supermarket priced make up, truly hurting the sales of both Rubenstein and Arden.

There seems to be an appetite for historical biographies:  Hamilton, Beautiful, to name two.

I think we need a musical about women running for the US president…working title: Madam Potus, how about it?

That I enjoyed the show with my now fully adult, working woman daughter made it just that much sweeter.

war-paint-musical-lupone-ebersole-broadway-show-tickets-group-sales-500-1107What do you think?  Does make-up liberate us or objectify us?


OK I snapped a quick pic of the backdrop before the show started. Awesome though, no?


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