5 Actions of Highly Effective Students

IMG_2396.PNG5 Actions of Highly Effective Students

We are coming to the end of the semester and my thoughts are turning to some exceptional students, and sadly those who have missed the mark. Very little separates them. Sometimes students do well simply because they’ve hit a certain momentum. Others have family support that motivates them to do well. And those who don’t do well are in a downward spiral sometimes because of working too much, not having family support, or just feeling as though they don’t want to or can’t navigate college.

Here are five actions my best college students take that make them successful.

1. Get to know at least one professor. Stop by during office hours, send a thoughtful email and try to get to know a professor.  Read their blog or book; show you’ve done a little research about who they are and what they do.
2. Show up!  Don’t miss class and if you do, communicate and make up the work.
3. Be curious and open minded. Join a club you didn’t think you’d join and consider a major or minor that you did not initially think you’d like.
4. Follow up! If a professor mentions something of interest in class, send an email or ask about it.
5. Ask for help. If you think your professor can help you, speak up.  Whether it is about the coursework of the semester or future career plans, your professor wants to help you.

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