Chapter 3 Trump and 3 and 4 Clinton Autobiographies

You can learn a lot about people by what they say and write about themselves, which is why I’m reading Trump’s autobiography “Crippled America” and Clinton’s “Hard Choices” and sharing their messages with you.  Here’s chapter 3 of each:

Trump’s Chapter Three is titled:  Immigration:  Good Walls Make Good Neighbors and  re recounts that when he announced he was running for president he spoke for almost an hour.  He complained about illegal immigrants and offered a solution to build a great wall and that because he has so much experience building things, the wall would be a great success.  He asserts that he “loves immigration” but “what I don’t love is the concept of illegal immigration.”  He writes that “some of those immigrants are a source of real crime.”  He writes “Walls work” and cites Israel’s walls as a great example.  He says that while the wall is great it would be just a start, and sums up by writing that his immigration policy is “pretty simple.”  He believes that:  “we need to make it easier for the people who can contribute to this country to come here legally while making it impossible to criminal elements and other people to get here legally.”

Clinton’s Chapter Three is titled:  Asia:  The Pivot

This chapter begins with a retelling of Secretary Clinton’s first road trip as SOS.  She tells the reader that she travelled nearly a million miles during her time and she describes the layout and staffing of her plane.  Her first trip, to Asia was, as are most of the trips as SOS to help create a good relationship with the country and to aid the country in shaping its future.  She discussed the rise of China and the threat of North Korea.  She had a Q and A at Ewha Women’s University and after she visited Japan she went to Jakarta, Indonesia where she was greeted by a group of young students from the school that Barack Obama attended.  She then discusses North Korea and discusses some of her husband’s experiences in the country and with the leaders.  She also discusses her visits to India, Vietnam, Laos and Mongolia.  Chief among her goals for the trip was political reform.  She offers the tidbit that during her extensive travel as SOS she learned to sleep just about anywhere.

Chapter 4:  Unchartered Waters  Recounting President Nixon’s 1972 historic trip to China, Hillary Clinton tells the story that she and Bill rented a TV to watch the news coverage of “the week that changed the world.”  In 1995 she traveled to China to give her speech on women’s rights and her speech was censored by Chinese television.  The US did not have a pavilion in the major international exhibition, so Hillary Clinton raised the money and got it built, which helped enormously with diplomacy to the country.  She left the country feeling more confident about the strategy in Asia.  She then turns to attention to her daughter Chelsea’s wedding and shares what a beautiful event it was for her family.  She recounted when Bill and Chelsea danced to “The Way You Look Tonight.”  She wrote:  “It was one of the happiest and proudest moments in my life.”



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