Chapter 2 of our nominees’ autobiographies

Hillary Clinton begins Chapter 2, “Foggy Bottom” of her most recent autobiography recounting the time she met her first secretary of state, Dean Acheson, the night before her student speech a Wellesley.  She then talks about the advice that she got as she took her post as Obama’s S.O.S.  “don’t try to do everything at once”  was one of the pieces of advice.  She notes all the people in the administration who reached out to her and supported her in her position, especially Joe Biden, whom she seems especially fond of.  She wrote: “Vice President-elect Joe Biden brought a wealth of international experience from his leadership pf the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  His warmth and humor would be very welcome during log hours in the White House Situation Room.   Every week, Joe and I tried to meet for breakfast.”  She then spends a good potion of the chapter describing the “list of challenges at a time of diminished expectations at home and abroad.”  She described recruiting Richard Holbrooke and Jim Steinberg and other key members of her staff.  She then describes walking into her office and sitting down at her desk for the first time.  She found a letter from her predecessor, Secretary Rice that read: “You have the most important qualification for this job–you love this country deeply.”

Donald Trump begin chapter 2, “Our “Unbiased” Political Media to berate the media by saying “It hasn’t taken me long to learn how truly dishonest the political media can be.”  He said that Megyn Kelly, the Fox journalist was “out to get me” during the first debate.  He says he has no problem telling it “like it is.”  He says that he is not bragging when he says he is a winner, he cites his business experience as proof that he is a winner and that he has been winning his entire life. He says he gets a lot of press because he is interesting and that most politicians are boring.  He writes:  “The cost of a full-page ad in The new York Times can be more than $100,000. But when they write a story about one of my deals it doesn’t cost me a cent.  He complained about a recent media interview he had with Hugh Hewitt who asked him who Hassan Nasrallah is and Zawahiri and al-Juliani and al-Baghdadi.  Trump said “What a ridiculous question.  I don’t think that knowing the names of each terrorist leader more than a year before the election is s test of whether someone is qualified.  We are not playing Trivial Pursuit.”

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