What do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton write?

Political communication is nothing if it is not words–mostly spoken–and now, for sure, Tweeted as well.  But in addition to the spoken interviews and speeches by our candidates, we also have autobiographies, often a rich and utterly unique communication effort by our candidates to tell their life stories.  

As part of an American Studies course I’m very excited to be teaching in fall, I’m asking the students to read both current autobiographies of Donald Trump, Crippled America; and Hillary Clinton, Hard Choices.  Since I firmly believe that good teachers, supervisors and even parents should not ask their students, direct reports or children to do things that they would not do themselves, I am going to join in on the assignment this summer by reading the autobiographies in advance of the course and posted my assignment here.

The assignment is:  read a chapter (maybe two for Clinton–her book is thick –see photo), and share with the class (in the case of this blog–you the reader), how the author and presidential nominee (Trump and Clinton), view themselves as American and what their vision is for the country.

So, stay tuned to this blog and the posts that will follow to stay up to date.  I’ll feature a few paragraphs that sum up each chapter, featuring both Trump and Clinton in each blog post.

What it means to be an American and the vision of each nominee for president — in their own words!IMG_2023

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