Deal Me In: Hillary Clinton’s Rhetoric of Inclusion


At a Philadelphia victory rally after Hillary Clinton’s Pennsylvania’s primary win, the Democratic front-runner responded to GOP rival Donald Trump’s accusation that she is “trying to play the ‘woman card’ by saying “deal me in.”  Her full quote:  “if fighting for women’s healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in,” revealed her stance on issues she is passionate about defending as president. This may be her most effective use of a rhetorical strategy in this campaign so far because it is a rhetoric of inclusion and puts her metaphorically “at the table” which has been a barrier for previous candidates who are first of their race, gender or religion to be elected.

It reminded me a little of the way Corazon Aquino used the language of her opponent to fashion a response to Ferdinand Marco’s description of her as “only a housewife.”  Aquino responded that “As a housewife, I held his hand as the life drained out of him in a self-imposed fast of 40 days, to protest a fine legal point about the civilian jurisdiction of a military court.”  The phrase became a commonly repeated phrase in Aquino’s speeches throughout the years, something “deal me in” could very effectively be for Clinton.



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