Talk to Me

Hillary Clinton delivered her concession speech after losing the 2016 New Hampshire primary last night with her family by her side.  Commentators quickly noted that it seemed more of a pep rally and that she was looking forward, not back.

But pep rallies are meant to motivate, and Hillary Clinton’s distancing language  could not have motivated the segment of the population she needs most, the young vote.

“I know I have some work to do,” she said. “Particularly with young people.”

She went on:

“Even if they are not supporting me now, I support them, because I know I’ve had a blessed life, but I also know what it is like to stumble and fall. It is not whether you get knocked down that matters, but whether you get back up.”

This was such a Chris Christie look into the camera opportunity if there ever was one.  To really reach  young people, Hillary Clinton must speak directly to them with a message to them, such as:

“I have a special message for the young people.  Even if YOU are not supporting me now, I have always and will always support YOU.”

Every election is about language and all voters, including our young voters are listening to the candidates who speaks to us.


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