The Apple Watch? The Fitness Assistant of My Shark Tank-Type Dreams? I’m Out

Imagine my surprise and delight after complimenting a tech colleague on her Apple Watch when she offered me a chance to try one!  I was very excited about it, especially since I used to imagine how all my weight and fitness goals could be met if I had a bracelet that would beep when I ate my allotted calories for the day and burned them off through exercise (and this was five years ago–before the Fitbit–darn it!).  I heard that *the reason* to love the Apple Watch was for its fitness components,  so for the past month I’ve been wearing the Apple Watch off and on and, so far, I don’t find it to be everything I had hoped:

Here’s why:

Since you have to have the I phone with you to keep your Apple Watch working, it is just. another. thing. to. charge.  I like efficiency!

It would not BE inefficient IF the watch lived up to my expectations.  So far it just makes me look a little show-offy. (that’s an official term) Talk to the watch, people.

My iphone app “Moves” counts my steps and MyFItnessPal helps me with calorie intake.  They are fine and handy.

Even though Apple products are known for their gorgeous designs, to me, the Apple watch  is NOT stylish (at least it isn’t *my* style).  The band is big, plastic, bright white and makes my wrist sweat.  And even though I tried to glam it up with some bracelets (see photo), I think it is kind of big and bulky and not that fashion-forward.

So, I’m going to use it through the fall semester, get a bit more training on the fitness apps it has and see if I change my mind.

My daughter, a devout runner, likes hers for the running and other fitness tracking, so I think there is a good support base for this, I’m just not in it since I don’t need the sleekness of it for my fitness calculations.  I can put my phone in my pocket or even my purse and it counts my steps.  But I’m going to let her show me a few of her Apple Watch favorite features to see if I will write a new blog in a few months saying that I can’t live without this watch.

If it would  beep when I’m done with my calorie intake (and save me from myself)……it would have my attention. Although I bet there will be an app for that for my iphone, and some studies are showing that people are eating to their quantification (not good).img_4367Now my  Mac Book Pro 13″ laptop with retinol display you could not prey from my cold dead hands…..but that’s a blog for another day.

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