More Musings (mostly photos) from my “Tour de Foodie” State College, Part 3


One of my FAVORITE lunch places and lunch — the veggie burger and fries at Baby’s Diner in State College. LOVE that place.

I’m really enjoying life in State College for lots of reasons. It is a big little town with a lot to do and very friendly people. Some “Negative Nellie’s” have said, “Wait till the students come in fall!” and “State College is frigid in winter!” but I know neither of these things will make me unhappy to be here. I love students–lots of them–and I’m used to the cold, being a lifelong Pennsylvanian. I’ve ordered my North Face coat and I’ve got a lot of hats. But this post is mostly about the food in and around State College *and* some good food that’s back in the Lehigh Valley where some places make Italian food as good as they do in Rome.

There are really a lot of very good places to eat in and around State College. Otto’s has truly delicious food, and Geoff tells me really good beer, too. The vegan been burger salad was out of this world and my favorite thing lately (don’t judge) french fries, are also really good there. Irving’s makes a delicious variety of sandwiches on inventive breads and the 3 combo special (half sandwich, soup and salad) at Corner Room is great (I get the BLT no B) and the vegetarian vegetable soup. Three cheers for a regularly featured vegetarian vegetable soup. The Corner’s Room’s uppity cousin upstairs, The Allen Street Grille offers vegetarian chili regularly!

We love Italian food, though, and frankly, we just can’t seem to get good Italian food in Centre County. See the happy man pictured in the hat here? That’s Mike from Paese Mio in Allentown. Now THAT place has REALLY good food.

Jim’s in Bellefonte? Not to our liking, sorry to say. The sauce (which is the most important thing with Italian food) is just not flavorful. The sign that says “Parking Only” well, we thought it was a good sign that the food would be great because usually the worse the look of the place, the better the Italian food. So, here is the rest of the blog as a picture blog since when it comes to food, looks count.

In addition to the fun time we are having trying new food places, we really enjoy the arts in State College, too. We’ve been to a jazz show at the Palmer Art Museum, we are going to see Doubt downtown this weekend and we thoroughly enjoyed the Arts Festival. We’ve been swimming and looking into signing up for tennis lessons so it has really been a lot of fun for us. Indeed, we are happy in Happy Valley.20130727-151356.jpg

This is Mike, one of the owners at Paese Mio Restaurant in Allentown. They know how to make sauce there. Trust me.

This is the eggplant and pasta at Paese Mio — YUM


Carrot cake from Duffy’s Tavern in Bellefonte — very good.


Geoff poised to eat his big plate of vegetable ravioli at Jim’s — they look pretty good, but again, the sauce did not delight.



Little salad in a metal bowl from Jim’s


Otto’s ridiculously good bean burger salad.


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