Penn State Lehigh Valley freshman Wes Schauch offers wisdom for the ages.


Who we are is often defined by what we do with the one chance that we have over a span of a single lifetime.  However, in my case, I have been granted a second chance from God to re-define myself from some one who’s only life passion was the game of hockey into someone who is passionate about life as well.


My name is Wes Schlauch and I survived a terrible stroke in 2010, escaping with my life, but little did I know at the time, my life was going to be a changed forever. Ever since that chilly February afternoon, my life has been undeniably altered.  I have transformed, going in as a child worried about himself and only himself, and coming out a resilient young man, both determined and destined to do something amazing.


Everyone has a God given opportunity to do something amazing in an…

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