Running and Speaking Promote Growth

This is the last time I’m going to say this:  “I’m not a runner.”  I said it the other day at lunch and I thought as soon as I said it that I’m not doing myself any favors by talking like that.   My sister Teri, who wasn’t a runner either, is a runner now because she started running and runs  as often as she can. (She’s also very fit and trim).  Saying “I’m not a runner” is negative.  When I join my little running buddy on Monday, you can bet I won’t be making any excuses. I know I won’t be the fastest, and I may very well be the slowest, but  I’ll just say, “let’s go!”  It reminds me of when a student tries to lower my expectations of his speeches by saying  “I’m not a public speaker.”  I would waste no time reminding him that  by the end of the class he will be public speaker.  And to be a public speaker all one must do is speak in public.  And that’s what brings me to the realization that being a public speaker is at least a little bit like being a runner.

1.  You just have to do it. 

2.  You might not be very good at it at first but,

3.  if you keep doing it, you will get better.

4.  You don’t need many supplies.  For running, a decent pair of running shoes.  For speaking, a voice.

5.  It feels very satisfying to finish a run.  It feels just as good to express yourself in a public speech.

6.  Running and speaking in public feel great because both force you to do something that may not feel natural at first. 

7.  Both running and speaking have the potential to have positive effects on your life.

I am a runner and a public speaker.    Let’s go!


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