What do Dell Computers and Sarah Palin Have in Common?

They quit before they could get anything done.

OK:  This has nothing to do with my usual topics:  women and public speaking.  Instead, this is a full-on vent. 

My Dell computer is garbage.  It crashes constantly.  How could such a bad product be so widely used?

For example, with stunning regularity my computer simply stops working.  The “new” battery has less than five minutes of life in it.  Web browsers cannot open.  Often, after typing pages of thoughtful writing, the whole machine stops. 

I detest complaining, but in this instance it feels really good.  I would join the “I Hate Dell Computers” Fan club on Facebook, but my Dell crashes before I can complete my membership.

I feel better now.  Thank you blog post.  And that’s why my Dell Computer (or Sarah Palin) could never run for president.  Quitters will never win.  I’m off to the Apple Store.

1 Response to “What do Dell Computers and Sarah Palin Have in Common?”

  1. 1 Ken Straining
    January 10, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    I don’t have any reference for the Dell Computor since I was advised to use a different company. However, the other side of this topic (Sarah Palin) is familiar.
    Not only do I agree with the writer, I can advise you to read more of her material. This person just knows what she is talking about.

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